While trends change, there are several textures, places, cultural qualities and accessories that remain relevant. One Outfit is about appreciating a unifying quality we all share, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other related background / character trait–it is that we are all given one life to live, one moment at a time, in One Outfit at a time.

I identify as Street Preppy, typically mixing business casual with something associated to athleisure or wearable tech. My full name has ten syllables and if you are still reading this, I would be delighted if you called me M or Angie. As a grad student, my time is usually filled with long hours at the office, weekend friend/ family visits, coding my app or researching my next tech purchase, for hours on end (which really means waiting for my turn to play XBOX One or PS4 at Best Buy). I am a nerd and I love design, clothes and fold too. The fact you are here, and still paying attention, means that you also love one of the aforementioned.

This site is a platform to share my adventures in the southwest United States, experiences with in-person and online purchasing, new tech, local eats and trending fashion. You will find a confluence of artistic commentary, look-book items, integration with social media and my recommendations. Thanks for reading. If there are any special requests, pertaining to my content for this page, feel free to reach me on my Snapchat 👻 @one.outfit or via email.

Style On✌🏼