The Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks

After deciding to jump off the platform, because everyone else was doing it, I gave in and decided to take a little trip on post, at Fort Bliss. The trip gave me a chance to kill two birds with one stone because I also intend to go to 🎶 Neon Desert Music Festival 🌵

Freedom Crossing

The Freedom Crossing food court staff and kiosk representatives were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. And shockingly, there are plenty of healthy and delicious family friendly options to pick from, like Healthy Pizza Company, (rated highly on Trip Advisor), where your pizza is made fresh and takes 2.5 minutes to bake, or Muscle Maker Grill, where they meal prep and also offer various bowls, smoothies, and wraps. The helpdesk, also known as the LTS, where you can purchase Neon Desert Music Festival tickets for a lower price than the student special ($99 vs the GA MSRP $119 or student rate this Saturday only for $100), or to coordinate family/ team building activities, or make arrangements for family vacations, offers a lot of amenities and the staff members are kind, patient and helpful.

The Unicorn 🦄

So having tried the unicorn frappe at Starbucks was an interesting experience. It was very sour but sweet at the same time, it was a bit overwhelming with all that whipped cream, and if you swirl your straw around, you’ll catch some of that blue syrup playfully squirted along the sides of the cup. Upon your first sip, it tastes almost like you are drinking candy. A mixture of sour patch kids meets cotton candy in an airy mixture. Although it is only available this week, we purchased a few without any problem at the Starbucks on post, located at Freedom Crossing, off of Haan Road.


The barista seemed like she was having a bad day. Either that or she was highly annoyed that we ordered the advertised and seemingly overrated (according to social media) and possibly bored. I couldn’t tell, but no names were exchanged. She only asked for our order and then gave the total. I didn’t even see her crack a smile, but everyone else we encountered was patient and very friendly. All in all, I’d say that giving this review on 4/20 seems appropriate because it was a fun trip.

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