How to save $1.00 a month from your GECU bank account

How to Sign Up for e-Statements

  1. Access the GECU website from a desktop computer or browser with access to desktop view (dolphin browser or safari with cookies enabled)
  2. Authorize your device if you haven’t logged in before, by following the instructions sent to your mobile device and then revisit the browser
  3. Sign in to your account
  4. Click/ tap once on Financial Tools tab
  5. Then choose e-statements
  6. Then select delivery preferences
  7. Scroll through your accounts and click the radio button beside this message: I want to receive statements and notices* online only from the pull-down (drop-down style navigation) which of your existing accounts are not already enrolled in e-Statements
  8. Acknowledge the change by pressing the submit button for each card with your bank account
  9. You’ll now save a dollar by suppressing paper copies from being sent to you and saving trees. Hooray!

Featured image credit: The Glass House


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