Netflix Watchlist if You’re Single or Starting Over this Valentine’s

Today is supposed to be a day where school children give each other “Valentine’s cards,” girlfriends, boyfriends, and all types in between, exchange small candy hearts or flowers, fuzzy or cutesy objects, among other tokens of appreciation, and lovers gladly spend time, energy and effort on offering delightful treats and engaging in romantic candlelit dinners, or other special, heartfelt activities.

But, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day, these “plans” might not be in the cards, at least not right now. We all are, at some point, traversing paths, leading us through different seasons in life. When we meet and interact with others–strangers, friends, family, animals, etc, it allows us an opportunity to express our humanity. People and almost everything that is expressive about life are the reasons we are alive.

The films listed below do a decent job of expressing how singleness and finding yourself, no matter what stage you’re in, may tie back into the ways in which we find ourselves in these moments–with different people, in different places, at different periods of our lives. So, maybe you’re trying to move on from someone, or past something, like an obstacle in your life, maybe you’re starting over, or fresh, in a new town, a new job, or you lost the last one and haven’t found a new one, or maybe you are trying to learn new ways to cope with a loss on a deeper level. Remember: Life permits us to move on in the space between the moments we realize life is OK, without always planning everything, and having everyone and everything we think we need.

Don’t try. Just watch and learn.

  1. Everything Must Go: An alcoholic loses his wife and job and must learn to find a way to let go, while trying to sell all of his belongings in a yard sale
  2. Before We Go: A young wife is robbed and left stranded in Boston, meets a free-spirited stranger, who offers her an adventure of a lifetime
  3. Under the Tuscan Sun: A depressed writer leaves her old life behind after her husband cheats on her
  4. One Day: After a brief college romance, a young couple meets on the same day every year to compare their progress in life and love
  5. Man Up: A single woman seizes an opportunity, when a stranger mistakes her for his blind date
  6. Love and Honor: A young G.I. recieves a Dear John letter and decides to try and win her back, while on furlough
  7. Beautiful Girls: A piano player returns to the small town he left behind, as the thought of settling down is mistaken for settling
  8. Slow Learners: Two friends and colleagues, with failing love lives decide to embark on a journey for a makeover
  9. Elizabethtown: Fired from his job, a former shoe designer tries to kill himself, but realizes his purpose when he returns home for a funeral

(Featured image credit: Digital Vision Getty Images)

Article inspired by my friend GuacaMolly–thank you for being there


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