Cafe Italia

This location is best known for allowing patrons to participate in BYOB, as you may bring your own wine into the establishment and they will open it for you. Cafe Italia also prides itself on making fresh mozzarella daily. There is a modern but refined quality about the decor, the ambience, and the customer service.

There is sufficient parking and several servers who are friendly and attentive to your dining needs. I appreciated the fact that upon arrival there was a large patio area where one may opt to enjoy the sunset or a beautiful day while eating. Arriving around 6:30-7:00pm MST will guarantee a great sunset view from the patio outside.

Even though there is no person designated solely for the front of the house, we were taken care of quickly. Our server made every effort to ensure that we felt like family or a neighbor, to whom you would graciously demonstrate your own hospitality. Their customer service is accommodating and knowledgeable.

Make no mistake, albeit the prices are very competitive, the ingredients fresh and the service expedited, this is not like a Cici’s nor Peter Piper Pizza. Children are welcome but this location seems better suited for romantic dinners or business meetings involving adults.

I ordered the Biancco and found it to be hearty, full of cheese, arugula, and other toppings we selected. The lack of a specific sauce like marinara, allows you to enjoy the experience of building on its flavor profile with each slice.

Areas for improvement include a larger selection for dessert and the design of the containers which hold red crushed pepper.

The dessert options for this location only included a calzone filled with Nutella, topped with powdered sugar. I found this to be slightly disappointing. The helpful female server stated the reason for a lack of dessert choices was because they were too busy. She did inform me that the Eastside location offers additional dessert choices.

Secondly, the crushed red pepper located on top of every table does not have a lid like a salt shaker. The crushed red pepper is inside of the container, with a very small teaspoon to portion the red crushed pepper on your dish, as needed.

People of all ages do come to this environment, indicating that young inquisitive ones, forgetful people, and others who may not be mindful, are given an opportunity to expose germs to the crushed red pepper.

The dining experience was excellent, the food was superb and service was fast. For now, it’s a 4–had it not been for these two minor concerns, this location would indeed be a “5.”


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