Hillside Coffee & Donut Co.

Try this unique PB&J filled donut, found at Hillside Coffee & Donut Co. in El Paso. It’s the perfect balance. There is powdered sugar on top, with small bits of peanuts on the outside. If you love crunchy peanut butter or just need a pick me up, check them out. They are located within the Monticello Apartments @timeatmontecillo

Their environment is warm, inviting and comfy. They have plenty of places to plug in a computer, and room to sit. The decor has a modern industrial feel. The baristas are talented and very friendly. It’s like a mix between the hometown feel at Ike’s Coffee and Tea, in Tucson, Arizona, and a specialty coffee shop easily found in New York’s East Village (See Trotter’s City Guide for more).

All ages are welcome. At least once every other week there is an opportunity to bring your kids and let them decorate their own donut, with plenty of toppings to pick from and flavors to choose. There are plenty of things to do, with a huge chalkboard-style calendar against the wall. You’re sure to remain entertained as we enter “back to school season.”

Come in and grab a bite. You’ve got the TI:ME


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